The focus of our school is on personal development. We incorporate aspects of traditional martial-art philosophy in a non-competitive, non-sport environment. Goju-ryu is formally recognized as one of the first three styles of karate.  It was the first style to be officially named.  At our Dojo you will also train in street self-defense tactics and kobudo (weapons). We emphasize proper breathing methods to cleanse, strengthen and tap the energy (chi) life force. Strengthening, toning and increased flexibility of the body are just some of the benefits of training. Students develop mental discipline, confidence and a “Yes, I can do it!” attitude. 

The Meibukan Gojyu Karate Edmonton Dojo (school) is an educational institution teaching traditional Okinawa Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-do. We are proud to be a member of the prestigious International Meibukan Gojyu Karate Association (IMGKA)

Meibukan Gojyu Karate Edmonton

We are located at the Hazeldean Community League Hall, 9630-66 Avenue, Edmonton. We currently run two classes per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The kids classes are 60 minutes and begin at 6:00 and the adult classes begin at 7:00 and are 90 minutes. 

Our rates are affordable at $45 per month for kids and $60 per month for adults. 

For further information please contact us at or at 780-438-3179

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